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Yu-Gi-Oh! YuugixReaderxAtem Fanfic

One or the Other Chapter 2

You leaned against a wall tapping the tip of your shoe against the pavement. Today was Sunday and so a day off from school. And your friends had decided to take you to various places within Domino City. And since the arcade was relatively close to your place, they decided to meet there. You liked to be a little early meeting with others, particularly if you weren’t too familiar with the area. Gave you time to figure out where you were going if you got lost.

So you put on some of your favorite clothes, a light gray pair of pants (to cover up the bruise that was still evident on your knee), a white button up shirt and your (F/C) purse to add a little color to your outfit and headed for the arcade. But you hadn’t gotten lost on your way here so you were early. Well, no biggie, you didn’t mind waiting. And it gave you time to think.

When you had figured out that the boy you had made friends with was the Moto Yuugi, you were shocked, but managed to hide it. You thought it might have hurt his feelings, for you were expecting someone different. Someone taller for one thing, but also someone with more presence or something like that. The real Yuugi was childlike with a love for games of all kinds. He was also very sweet and considerate, and greatly treasured his friends. You were actually a little relieved; the real Yuugi was easy to make friends with and to get along with as well.

If you had known who he was before you made friends with him, you probably would have been flustered and also probably would have thought he wouldn’t want to make friends with a backwards small town girl like you, so you wouldn’t have tried. You were glad you hadn’t known. You would have missed out on having such wonderful friends. They really made you feel welcome to their circle.

And with your friends telling you about the city, you had mostly lost your fear of muggers for the most part and didn’t worry too much as you waited. That was until a large firm hand clamped over your mouth from behind and then roughly pulled you around the corner into the alleyway behind you.

There a man roughly pushed your back against the wall with his hand still over your mouth, and then pulled a knife out of his pocket and pressed it against your neck.

“Hand over the purse sweetheart!” the man demanded.

From the second he prevented a call for help from you, you had started trembling and lost all your freshly discovered confidence in the city and all you could think of was to give him what he wanted. Maybe he wouldn’t hurt you if you did.

So with shaky hands you handed over your (F/C) purse. Taking his hand away from your mouth, but leaving the knife at your throat, he took your purse, and then looked back at your face.

“Hey, you’re not bad looking sweetheart.”

Your eyes widened in increased fear. It seemed both of your previous fears about the city were about to come true at the same time.

You inhaled deeply to scream, but he roughly covered your mouth again, cutting your lip.

“Now, now, sweetheart. You don’t want to be ending the fun early on now, do you?”

“Is that what you call fun?”

You knew that voice; it was your friend Yuugi. But his voice was different somehow, more confident sounding. Suddenly, your fear turned from you to your friend. Yuugi was no kind of fighter. He couldn’t win against this man, especially since he had a knife.

At the sound of Yuugi’s voice the man turned, pulling you with him and braced your back against himself with the knife still against your throat.

“Release her and I’ll let you go free.”

“Heh, heh kid, I think I have the advantage here. You don’t want this pretty little lady’s lovely skin marred do you? So you just walk away and forget what you saw here.”

In a way you hoped Yuugi would leave, you didn’t want your friend hurt. But then you didn’t want him to leave you alone with this man either.

“You only think you have the advantage here vermin.”

With that statement Yuugi pulled his deck out of his pocket.

The man laughed heartily, “And what do you think you can do with some child’s playing cards?”

“Do not mock the heart of the cards. My deck has never failed me.” Quick as thought, Yuugi flung one of his cards towards you and your captor. Then, inexplicably you felt the knife pull away from your neck as the card knocked it from the man’s hands.

For a couple seconds you and the man froze in surprise. Then your courage flared to life and you did something you were too scared to do with the knife against your throat. You elbowed him in the gut, causing him to double over gasping for breath.

You staggered a couple paces from your assailant before your legs gave out on you.

“You no longer have the so called advantage, now get out of here.”

The man, still wheezing as he tried to get his breath back, stumbled past you and your friend as he exited the alley.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you Yuugi.”

Then you looked up at him and realized that he wasn’t Yuugi. He was taller, his eyes were a different shape, and while he did have the same spiky hair style and gold bangs as Yuugi did, he also had some gold spikes along with the regular spikes. But he did sport the same chain and pendant as Yuugi.

“Wait, you’re not Yuugi.”

The Yuugi look alike chuckled a bit, “I get that a lot actually, and I’m surprised you were able to tell right away that the difference between us. Not many do, even though we aren’t even twins. No, I’m not Yuugi, I’m his brother Atem. And judging from your appearance and the fact you know Yuugi, you must be (L/N) (F/N). It’s nice to meet you at last.”

He smiled softly at you and held his hand out to help you up.

You blushed a little as you took his hand.

“Yuugi’s told you about me?”

“Yes, quite often actually.” He pulled you up with little effort. “I think he wanted to keep my mind occupied while I was sick. And it worked; I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. I was glad when you agreed to hang out with the gang today.”

Your head shot up in remembrance, “Oh yeah, they’re probably waiting for us by now. We should go.”

You turned and walked towards the street, coming out before Atem to find everyone there waiting.

Yuugi’s face lit up when he saw you. “(F/N)-chan, there you are. We were getting worried. Now all we have to do is wait for…..”

At that moment Atem came out of the alley looking at one of his Duel Monster cards.

Jonouchi looked suspicious in an instant, “Hey Atem, what were you doing with (F/N) in an alley?”

With that question Atem’s face reddened along with yours.

You were quick to try and reassure everyone, “No, no, no, it was nothing like that. You see there was a mugger and….”

“What? A mugger? Are you alright?” Honda was the quickest to express his concern.

“I’d say he was more than a mugger (F/N)-san,” said Atem, sending everyone’s worry through the roof.

“What? What happened (F/N)?”

Yuugi looked worried so you quickly explained to your friends what had occurred and how Atem had saved you.

“Good thing Atem came when he did,” Anzu commented.

“Yeah,” agreed Yuugi. “By the way Atem-nii, did you get a new card? Is that why you’re studying that one like that?”

“No, it’s one I found in the alley here. Someone must have dropped it recently since it isn’t dirty or damaged.”

“Oh, which one is it?”

“Master Hyperion.”

You gasped and looked in your purse and found that your duel deck container had been damaged. So you pulled out your cards to see if all of them were there. One was missing.

“He’s mine. He must have fallen out during the commotion.”

“(F/N)-chan, you play Duel Monsters?” Yuugi asked in surprise.

You realized you never had mentioned it and rubbed the back of your head, embarrassed.

“Heh, yeah, I do.”

“Master Hyperion is pretty strong,” commented Atem. “Can you handle him?”

That irritated you and you glared at Atem.

“Of course I can. I wouldn’t dare have him in my deck if I couldn’t.”

Atem looked surprised, and then his expression softened as he extended the card out to you. “Of course. Sorry, that was rude.”

You took Master Hyperion back and looked at the card fondly, thinking of all the happy memories he inspired. Almost without thinking you said, “He was my father’s card. And I practiced long and hard to prove to him that I was worthy of having him in my deck.”

There was a silent pause, and then Yuugi broke the silence, “Sounds like you have quite a bond with your cards.”

Your face turned a beet red and you put Master Hyperion with the rest of your deck. Everyone back in Yonaguni always made fun of you for talking about your cards like that.

“Ah, you don’t have to be embarrassed (F/N),” assured Jonouchi. “You should hear Yuugi talk about his deck.”

“Oh yeah? And who was it that was rubbing his Red-Eyes Black Dragon against his face and talking baby talk to it before Battle City?”

Jonouchi looked away, “No idea.”

Everyone laughed heartily and Atem looked at you, “So you have a fairy deck (F/N)-san?”

“Yeah, I do. I really love the fairies in Duel Monsters. They have amazing abilities, and they’re good and strong and don’t always have to look like dainty little girls with butterfly wings. Plus, since everyone associates fairies along that line, they tend to underestimate my deck.”

“That’s very true,” agreed Yuugi. “We should have a duel sometime.”

“Really? I would love that.”

“Great, but I’ve got to ask. If you wanted a duel, why didn’t you say so?

“Well…..I was afraid that if I challenged you too soon after meeting you, you’d think that was the only reason I made friends with you.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t think that. I can tell you’re a true friend of ours.” Yuugi smiled sweetly at you and your heart melted.

You smiled back, “Thank you Yuugi.”
Second First Meeting

Sorry if you didn't like that the reader was too scared to fight back against the mugger, but that's how I put things here. Anyways, I love making Atem the hero in this one, it was rather fun.

Duels shall be ensuing in the next chapter, so look forward to those. It's going to be very fun.

Dang, I usually like to say a little more than what I am here but I can't think of more right now. So look forward to the next chapter

Chapter 1: Link
Chapter 3: Link

If you guys think that I wrote Yu-Gi-Oh!, then you guys are pretty dang dumb. Or maybe I should think of it as a compliment that you think this is as good as the original stuff. Anyways, the thing is, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!


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As it says in the title, I'm closing off trades and commissions for now. I've got a lot of stories unfinished, stories in my head, and stories not even started yet. So until I catch up on what I've got going right now I'm not accepting any more.

Once I do catch up I'll let you guys know and open up again.

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