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Bleach and DBZ Crossover Fanfic: TrunksTatsuki

They did indeed go to the hot spring as Tatsuki had advised. In fact the people at the counter greeted her as if they were good friends, so she must come here often. During the greeting exchange, Trunks just hung back and observed the place.

It really was a beautiful hot spring. It was a public bath house that had indoor pools, and onsen pools. The front of it was a traditional Japanese style house with sōzu style shishi-odoshi fountains, and bonsai trees of varying styles and sizes.

"This is Trunks, he's new here in town."

He turned his attention back to Tatsuki and the hostesses and bowed, "A pleasure to meet you."

"Oh he's a nice one Tatsuki, great catch," they said quietly to Tatsuki, followed by giggles. He figured he wasn't supposed to hear that, but with his hearing, he did.

Tatsuki instantly blushed and said, "What are you guys talking about, I'm just showing him around to the best places in town."

They giggle some more, "Well if you don't want him, I'll take him."

One of the girls approached him and bowed, "Hello and welcome to the hot springs," she straightened and stepped a little closer as she looked at him a little seductively. "We hope you enjoy your stay."

Trunks could feel his face heat up and took a step back, "Uhhhh…"

Then Tatsuki's hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

"Leave him alone, he's not interested!"

The girl froze, a hint of fear showing on her face. Then Tatsuki grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the hallway that led to the lockers.

"What did you do that for?"

"Don't tell me you actually like that kind of girl."

"Well no, not really, but you didn't have to be rude."

Her shoulders seemed to relax a bit, "With those girls, yes you do."

She stopped in front of the doors to the lockers and turned towards him, her expression unreadable, "Now, I paid for us to get a private pool that allows swimsuits. So get changed and I'll meet you outside."

"Wait, you paid for it?"

"Well yeah, it was the only way to quickly leave those leaches behind. Plus just because you're a guy, doesn't mean you have to pay for everything. Especially since this isn't a date." A light blush appeared on Tatsuki's cheeks as she abruptly turned and walked into the female's locker room.

Trunks stared at the doorway she disappeared into for a few seconds then grinned. Yeah, she sure was something else. She wasn't even afraid stop someone's behavior if she thought they were out of line. He had a feeling that if the girl hadn't stopped, then she would have even used violence; and had in the past, if the girl's expression was any kind of indicator.

She also wouldn't let him pay for everything, but also would let him be the gentleman he is if the situation called for it.
He turned and walked into the men's changing room.

Damn those girls! Not only did they try and flirt with Trunks, who clearly didn't appreciate it, but they had to go and give her this kind of suit. They could claim that it was the only kind they had at the time all they want, but she knew they were trying to set her up for embarrassment. They knew she hated these kinds of swim suits, it exposed a lot more than she was usually willing to show.

Which is why she had her towel wrapped around her when she came out of the changing room and sat on the wooden deck chairs that were there and looked at the scenery. It really was beautiful; she just loved the traditional style of gardens with the sōzu style shishi-odoshi fountains; rocks that at first seem random but symbolized just about anything, rivers, lakes, mountains or even a desert. The stone lanterns were one of her favorite parts, they were so intricate, and beautiful; to her they were like the sun that lit their own little earths.

"Peaceful, isn't it?"

She jumped a little and turned her head to see Trunks staring across the garden as she had been. And without a shirt, just with a dark blue set of swimming trunks and a white towel around the back of his neck with the ends running down his chest.

She'd seen him in his black tank top once, but that didn't compare to his bare chest. The muscles were perfectly proportioned and even on both sides. A lot of men were at least a little lopsided because they favored their right side, but not him. He evidently worked hard to make sure both left and right would be equal in a fight. And neither were they over large, she hated when the male muscles were too large for their body types. They looked like they had been taking steroids since they were babies. But Trunks was perfect.

She turned her slightly heated face away before he could catch her staring and said, "Yes, it is."

They both sat and stood there looking at the wondrous garden for a few seconds more then she stood up. "Well, let's get to our pool. I don't know about you but I could sure use a nice hot bath."

Without waiting for a response she started walking towards the pool she had rented. She and Orihime would come here on occasion so she knew exactly where it was.

"I've actually never been to a hot spring, this should be good."

She stopped and looked back at him a little surprised, "Really? Why not?"

He looked a little hesitant, then rubbed the back of his head a little and looked to the side. "Well, never really had the chance, I grew up in a……. a rough neighborhood."

She continued to look at him a little puzzled, but decided not to push it. "Oh, I see. Well you are going to have a chance now. And this is definitely a really good one, so this will give you a great experience for your first time." She smiled reassuringly at him the turned and continued to their bath.

The pool had a tall fence surrounding it so it was private, which is how she preferred it. She did not like to expose her body to hundreds of people, it made her feel vulnerable. So she gave a sigh of relief when the gate to the pool closed concealing them from the rest of the world.

"You alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." She didn't elaborate; he didn't need to know something like that about her. She didn't mind it so much when it was in front of just one person, so she was blushing only a little when she had her back to him and removed the white towel to reveal the deep red halter top bikini.

He had almost said more than he was supposed to earlier. He didn't want her to know that he was from the future, at the very least not now. He wasn't sure how she'd react to that, and he didn't want to ruin the relationship they enjoyed so far.

When they entered into the pool area, he had been curious at the obvious relief she felt. He wasn't sure on what the cause of it was. She hadn't really seemed that uncomfortable outside. He was about to ask her if she was sure that she was alright, and then she removed the towel from around her. And even though he could only see her back at the moment, he was impressed.

She was completely toned, and the red of the suit she wore set off her tanned skin just perfectly. And he could see the corded muscle underneath the velvet smooth skin of her arms and legs, especially when she moved to turn towards him. He tried to fix his expression so she wouldn't think he was a creeper or anything, but kept looking at her so he could see what she looked like from the front.

Her abs were just as toned as her back, he could even see some muscle definition there, which is rather rare in a female. And not only did the red suit heightened her skin tone, but it also really brought out the brown of her eyes.

Even though he took all that in in an instant, she blushed a little when he looked at her and turned her face away. "The suit wasn't my idea, it was the one that they gave me and also said it was the only one of my size that they had."

Ah, so that was it. She was embarrassed to expose her body in front of everyone out there. He admired her modesty, there weren't many girls out there with a sense of modesty anymore, "You look great, don't worry."

She looked up at him surprised a little, then blushed some more. "Well, you get in first, it is your first time in a hot spring after all."

"No, ladies first," he insisted.

She smirked a little and rested her hands on her hips, "Dude, I ain't a lady. Now get in."

That surprised him a little, but since she insisted he removed the towel from around his neck, setting it on one of the chairs there, and turned towards the pool stepping up to the edge. The water was a clear blue with a little steam rising from the liquid, signaling how warm it promised to be.  He reached his right foot out and his toes touched the water.

Wow, it was indeed warm. He lowered his foot farther in and rested on a ledge for him to sit and then took another step into the deeper part of the pool and sat down.

This was tons better than a conventional bath in a bath tub ever could be. The minerals in the water just seeped right into his tired muscles and started relaxing them. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

He heard a little splashing somewhat near him and opened his eyes to see Tatsuki stepping into the water as well with a smile on her face. "Like it?"

"Yes, it's wonderful," he smiled back.

"Good," she leaned back against the edge as well.

He turned his head and looked up into the sky thinking. It sure was nice of Tatsuki to bring him here, she could have just come by herself after he left, she didn't need to bring him, so why did she? The only reason he could think of is that she really did consider him a friend. That idea made him smile, but his heart clenched just a little at that thought.

Is that how she felt about him? Just a friend? Then he pondered why that should matter to him. He was very grateful to have a friend that wasn't originally a member of the Z Fighters, meaning one he made himself. Shouldn't he be glad that she was his friend? But is that all he wanted from her?

He looked over at her and noticed she was staring at him, and from the way she blushed and how quickly she turned away, she probably had been staring for quite a while.


"Nothing," she said in a nervous voice without turning around.

What was that about? He had a possible idea, but he wasn't sure. Was it feasible she really did care for him more than just a friend? He felt butterflies in his stomach at the possibility; he wanted to act upon that. But what if he was wrong? What if he ruined their entire relationship and she'd never want to talk to him again.

Well, he'd never know till he tried. So even though the butterflies in his stomach flew around more rampant, he drew closer to her. She turned her head towards him when she heard the water stir, and then he was right next to her.

He reached his dripping hand to her face and caressed her soft cheek. "What would you do if I were to kiss you?"

She gaped at him a little and he could sense a little fear from her so he backed away a little, "I won't till I receive an answer."

He was a gentleman after all.

While Trunks had been staring up at the sky she turned her head towards him slightly and looked at him from the corner of her eye.

His middle length lavender hair framed his face with two short strands down his forehead as bangs. The color set off his brilliant blue eyes perfectly. He really was handsome, she really didn't blame those girls for wanting him, but they were so irritating, how dare they hit on him like that?

Wait, why did it matter that they flirted with him? She'd seen plenty of girls try to flirt with Ichigo and it highly amused her. So why was it different with Trunks? He obviously wasn't interested, and so wouldn't do anything, but it still ticked her off that they would even try. And she was relieved when he said that type of girl didn't interest him, so why did it bother her?

No, no, no, no, she could not be falling for him. She's only known him for about a month, and been training with him for only 3 weeks. That's really not enough time, especially for her. She hated guys for the most part, with only a couple exceptions.  They were arrogant jerks who thought they were so much stronger than her just because she was a girl. They were just plain weak.

But Trunks wasn't weak, that's something she really admired about him. He was someone she could train and spar with for a long time, and still get a challenge. He also was nice, thoughtful, and when she would let him, a gentleman.

Best of all, he didn't see her as weak.

It was then that Trunks turned towards her, and she realized that while she was watching him, she had turned her head all the way to look at him, and not just out of the corner of her eye.

She felt heat rise to her cheeks as she quickly turned her head away.

"What?" he had asked.

"Nothing," she had responded a little nervously. She really wasn't sure yet.

Then she heard the water splash a little and turned to find him coming closer with a small smile on his face.

He raised his hand out of the water and felt it rest against her cheek dripping a little.

"What would you do if I kiss you?"

With that one question, she felt her heart beat faster, a little in hope, and a little in fear. Would he really just go and steal her first kiss without a second thought even if she told him not to? She didn't think so, but he could have been hiding a sinister motive behind that wonderful exterior.

But then he surprised her a little when he pulled back and said, "I won't till I receive an answer."

Really? He wouldn't? Then he really was sincere, and it also meant that he actually liked her. She felt relieved at that thought, and realized that she really was afraid that he only saw her as a friend. That she wanted more than that from him.

She decided to act before she lost her nerve.

Before he moved more than a couple inches, she reached her hand up and behind his neck, smiled, then leaned in and kissed him herself.

It probably wasn't much of a kiss really. Gentle, she hadn't ever kissed anyone before, yet it was also a firm kiss. She never did anything weakly.

When he didn't respond right away, she was afraid she had over stepped herself, but it was only about a half second hesitation before he kissed her back, pressing his lips harder against hers.

She literally could feel a great heat that spread from her lips to fill her entire being, right down to her soul. In fact when they tentatively pulled away, she found that wasn't enough, she wanted more.

He must have as well because they both leaned forward to kiss again, this time a little more aggressively.

He wrapped one of his hands around her waist and pulled her against him. Somehow the skin on skin touch of their abs coupled with the heat of the spring water heightened the wonderful feeling spreading through her and she wrapped her arms around his neck wanting to share the sensation with the one that was making her feel it.

He was a little surprised when Tatsuki kissed him herself, but then he instinctively responded to the kiss. He had never felt anything like it in his life, even the power that rushed into him when he became a Super Saiyan for the first time.

The initial kiss had been tentative, but firm. As if she wasn't too sure of herself. They pulled apart, but he couldn't handle just that short little kiss, he needed more.

He kissed her again hungrily and instinctively wrapped his arm around her slender waist and pulled her against him. She just felt so right, like she belonged there. She responded by wrapping both her arms about his neck.

Their lips move in synch with each other's naturally, soon his tongue seemed to develop a mind of its own and glided across her lips. Her mouth opened a little in surprise and his tongue shot between her lips and encircled around her tongue squeezing tightly.

Damn but she tasted good; he couldn't get over the sensations flowing through his body. Especially where her bare skin touched his, it was rather intoxicating. He couldn't get enough, even when she fought back with her tongue and he realized that she wouldn't just lay back and let him take control. He was going to have to fight for it.

He smiled into the kiss and accepted the challenge as he leaned back against the edge of the pool pulling around so she was in front of him. She rested her knees on the ledge he was sitting on and squeezed his hips slightly, extracting a slight moan from his lips.

She seemed to glow in triumph for making him moan like that, so the hand that was still caressing her cheek lowered down to her butt and squeezed. She didn't just moan, she gasped in pleasure opening her mouth wider. He took advantage of her momentary distraction and gained control of the kiss.

He didn't know how long the fight for dominance continued, and half the time he couldn't even remember where they were, but he certainly did remember when they both lost their breath and she leaned against him sitting on his lap.

He still had his arms around her waist and hip and she rest her head against his chest with a palm almost cupping one the pectoral that wasn't covered by her cheek.

Trunks couldn't get over the fact that his first kiss had been such an incredible one from an incredible woman.

He smiled as he recalled something she said earlier.

"You know you were right earlier," he whispered.


"This was a great experience for my first hotspring."

On his chest he could feel a small smile from her lips.
Wow, this is a lot longer than I usually write, lol. Oh well, I enjoyed writing it. I'm sorry for taking so long with this chapter, I had a major writers block. It took writing a fanfic with only a four day time frame to actually get me back into writing and past my block. So even though I didn't win the contest with it, I'm really glad I wrote it. ^_^

So, this is the last chapter of this story, but worry not faithful readers. I am going to write a series of one shots and/or mini series that branch off from this story. I just can't leave this couple alone, they're really good together.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride.

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Chapter 6:…

If you guys are think that I wrote Bleach or DBZ, then you guys are pretty dang dumb. Or maybe I should think of it as a compliment that you think this is as good as that stuff. Anyways, the thing is, I don't own Bleach or DBZ.


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