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Soul Eater Fanfic: SoulMaka

From There to Here: Chapter 5


For the field trip they ended up going to France. Several of the students (mostly the girls) seemed to be excited by that news, but Sid extinguished any hope they had of touring by stating, "And this is not a pleasure cruise people, it is a field trip in hopes you learn something, not to have fun. So no running off for the shops."

Soul chuckled as he could practically feel the disappointment from the other students. He didn't really care about things like that, what's the point in getting something in another place just to prove that he'd been there?

Before they had left Sid introduced a black woman that really seemed to like to hide herself underneath bandages. She looked like a mummy with bandages covering the bottom part of her face as well as around her chest and a good portion of her arms, though her left shoulder wasn't covered, exposing the tattoo located there. She also had black dreadlocks, and green military pants.

Her name was Mira Nygus, and she was a combat knife when she was in her weapon mode. Yep, she was Sid's weapon partner. It should be interesting to watch them work together.

After they arrived in Paris, Sid really didn't give anyone any chance to go off and have fun, he started the lesson right away.

"Ok kids, the soul we are after today belongs to Napoleon Bonaparte. When going on a mission first thing you need to do is to locate the kishin soul. That sometimes can be rather difficult since they obviously don't want to be caught they'll be sneaking around. But you always use any tools you have access to. For instance, Maka Albarn has an ability called Soul Perception. She can see the souls of various people. Eventually, when she's trained her ability more, she'll even be able to tell what kind of personality people have just by looking at their soul. So Maka, would you help Mira and me out with your Soul Perception?"

"Of course Sid," Maka closed her eyes for a second, and then opened them suddenly. "I don't see any kishin souls right now; they must be out of my range."

"And that's fine, you're still learning to use it. Let's walk around town until you sense him. Mira, let's be on the ready."

"Right," her body started glowing and she turned herself into her knife form and a sheath appeared on Sid's belt as the combat knife appeared in Sid's hand.

And that's how they ended up walking around Paris France for at least an hour. It was rather boring really. Even with BlackStar going around saying he's too big of a star to just wander around town looking for some dumb kishin soul. It was more annoying than anything really, but somehow Sid was able to keep him from running off on his own and more or less in line.

They were passing the Café de la Paix on Boulevard des Capucines, when Maka suddenly turned to look behind the group, "Sid, he's coming from behind."

The class gasped and turned as Sid rushed to the back to face the kishin. Just in time also it seemed, just as he reached the back of the group Soul herd the clang as metal hit metal. Since he was in the middle of the group he didn't see the kishin at first, but the crowd parted as they backed away from it, and he was able to see what happens to humans who go astray.

It looked like a cross between a humanoid appearance, with a gun. Or several guns really. He could see the remains of a white old fashioned waist coat with a dark blue over coat and a black domed hat on his head. He said remains because it was full of holes with what looked like gun barrels poking out from its clothing in irregular intervals and out of his right arm instead of a hand at the end, it was the largest gun barrel of them all. Certainly the size of a fist.

Sid was pressing the flat of his weapon Mira against the gun, which made the metal against metal clang her heard earlier. He could see the muscles of both Napoleon and Sid twitching and straining against each other trying to gain an advantage against the opponent.

"Alright kids, this is where you guys back off and let the three star meister show you how it's done."

The rest of the class did as they were told, but Soul stayed where he was. He wanted to see how to fight something that was obviously a long range attack kishin, when Sid was using just a knife. He hadn't even tried to transform into his full weapon form yet, so he wasn't sure exactly what kind of weapon he was. But he could tell he was a close range combat weapon.

"No way old man, I'm not going to let you try and out shine the great BlackStar by taking the spotlight. Tsubaki, chain scythe mode."

A taller girl with black hair that Soul had never noticed before stepped up, "Right." She then started to glow and then shrunk and flew towards BlackStar.  The glow ended as she landed in his hands as a chain scythe with two pointed ends, one being smaller than the other, on each handle that was connected by a chain.

Maka tried to stop him by putting her hand on his shoulder, "No BlackStar, no one in this class is strong enough to take on a kishin like that."

"Maybe you aren't, but I'm going to surpass God, there is nothing I can't handle." With that odd remark he started running like a ninja to join the fray. But before he could reach there, three other odd fellows in generally the same outfits as Napoleon jumped from above right in of the crazy kid, making him stop in his tracks.

"Oh, so the small fry has come to challenge me. Well you guys will be a good warm up before I take on your boss." He then started fighting all three of the kishin soldiers and Maka face palmed herself.

"That BlackStar, he just can't listen can he?"

"Well at least he's not trying to fight Napoleon for now."

"Yeah, that's true. But still."

The rest of the class was content to stay back and watch the fights, at least until BlackStar killed off two of his opponents and then a whole host of other's appeared to take their place. Which only served to get BlackStar even more excited. "Yahoo!! 100 verses me. That's the best!!!"

"Oh no, we have to help him."

"But how are we to do that?"

Maka turned to look at him. "You're a weapon right? What kind?"

He looked at her a little startled and embarrassed. "Well I'm not sure exactly. I've only ever transformed my hands. But it's some kind of curved blade."

"Maybe you're a scythe. Transform and I'll wield you. I'm a meister."

"I've never transformed all the way, how am I supposed to do that?"

She seemed a little exasperated as she said, "Just picture the weapon in your soul, it will come naturally."

Easier said than done really, he thought. But he closed his eyes ad did as she said, he imagined the red and black blade that he could become, and then felt the strangest sensation.  It almost felt like he was being drawn into another world, where everything was dark, but not in a frightening way. Quite the opposite really, it was rather comforting, like he was in good hands.

When he opened his eyes, he could see that he really was in a black world, but still was very aware as to what was going on outside that world. He could see Maka holding onto a scythe with a black and red zig zag pattern that he remembered from the pattern his arms transform into and knew that it was him that she was holding. On the shaft where it connected to the blade was a red eye that he also recognized as his own, and that it would imitate his eyes.

Maka smiled, "Good, we're in sync." And with that cryptic remark she ran towards BlackStar holding onto him with both hands.

When she approached the enemy she swung at them a little half-hazardly, but it seemed to do the trick as she sliced them in half at their torsos and then they seemed to dissipate into ribbons and a glowing red orb appeared in their place. She didn't seem to pay them no mind and kept running and swinging till she reached BlackStar and placed her back to his.

"Hey, back out of this Maka. This is my time to shine."

"I'm not here to take away your limelight BlackStar. Just being a good student of the DWMA."

"Typical, who is that you're wielding anyways?"

"It's the new guy, Soul."

"What? You're actually partnering with a guy? That's a first."

"Drop it BlackStar, just concentrate on the ones in front of you."

And that's all the time they had to talk. Both Maka and BlackStar fought the army of French kishin, and were doing pretty well for students. Soul was actually enjoying himself even though technically he wasn't really doing much of anything. That actually was the good thing, he didn't have to do much. Pretty cool that he was a weapon and not a meister.

Afterwards Maka was panting a little, but BlackStar didn't seem to be winded at all. In fact, he was laughing hysterically.

"Ha ha ha, you just can't keep up with the great BlackStar can you Maka? Don't feel bad, you'll get used to my bigness eventually."

"Maka and Soul! BlackStar and Tsubaki!"

Maka stiffened a little and stood up to face Sid and bowed, "I'm sorry Sid, as a student of DWMA disobeying your orders was inexcusable. But also as a student of DWMA I couldn't stand there and watch someone fight kishin souls and not do something about it."

Sid folded his arms, "And what is your excuse BlackStar?"

BlackStar pointed his thumb at himself, "What me? I just like to fight you know? And plus I couldn't let you try and out shine the great assassin BlackStar."

"Well, all four of you are going to be receiving detention when we get back."

Say what?

They all looked at him after his outburst. Apparently he can talk while in weapon form, he'd better remember that.

"You disobeyed your teacher. I clearly said for you guys to stay back and watch, and no matter the reasons I can't let that pass."

Both Tsubaki and Maka groaned a little.

"That being said you four did an excellent job fighting Napoleon's lackeys."

Maka looked up at Sid with astonished happiness on her face, "Really Sid?"

"Heh, he's not the kind of guy to give praise when it wasn't earned. Hell even I can tell that about him after only a couple days."

Soul wanted to get out of weapon form and figured that doing the opposite of how he got into this shape. So he imagined his human form and started to glow. Next thing he knew he was standing beside Maka.

"That's very true Soul. Now, since Mira and me are not the ones that slayed all these kishin souls, we shouldn't get them. But since you all disobeyed rules I cannot let you have them. However under the circumstances I'll allow Soul and Tsubaki to have one each."


"You've been paying attention to my class haven't you? Weapons like yourself can eat kishin souls.  Once you have 99 kishin souls, and one witch soul, you become a Death Scythe. A weapon that Lord Death himself can wield."

"Heh, a Death Scythe huh? Sounds cool."

He walked over to one of the glowing red orbs he now has figured out are the kishin souls and looked at it. So he can eat them huh? Wonder how they taste, well now's the time to find out.

He grabbed one by the swirly tail and lifted it to his mouth. From the corner of his eye he saw Sid and Maka a little surprised, but he paid them no mind as he opened his shark like jaws and ate the soul.

It really didn't have a taste, but the texture was a sleekness that was usually associated with slimy, but it wasn't slimy at all. It just glided down his throat so smoothly that he couldn't help but love it.

"Whoooo, that was good. Can I have another?"

"No you may not. The rest is going to Lord Death."

BlackStar appeared in front of him grinning from ear to ear, "So Soul, what did you think of eating your first soul? Ha ha ha, get it, because your name is Soul"

Tsubaki sighed a little in exasperation at the joke.

"That was lame BlackStar."

"No it wasn't, it was the best joke ever." He laughed his loud obnoxious laugh.

Everyone sweat dropped.

On the way home he was thinking of the day's events that ended with BlackStar's lame joke and a great idea hit him. He grinned from ear to ear at this cool pun.

The next morning the class roster showed a new name: Soul Eater
Alrighty then, finally another update for this fanfic. Sorry it took so long. I hope you guys can forgive me.

So I hope you all like the story of how Soul chose his name. The next chapter will be the last, just giving you guys a heads up.

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If you guys are think that I wrote Soul Eater, then you guys are pretty dang dumb. Or maybe I should think of it as a compliment that you think this is as good as that stuff. Anyways, the thing is, I don't own Soul Eater.


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