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Soul Eater Fanfic: SoulMaka

From There to Here: Chapter 6


The detention wasn't too bad, at least not for him. There was just a wing of the school that he needed to clean. At least it wasn't writing lines or anything like that. Seemed that Sid believed in productive detentions, this probably also saved on money for a janitor. Just have the students clean things for detention. Yeah, definitely takes care of the janitorial job.

Soul was cleaning in the left tower and finally came to the last room. When he saw it he was frozen with a mixture of a couple different feelings. One was of shock, was he really supposed to clean this giant room? And the other was awe. It seemed to be like a Great Hall. The room was a large circular room with walls that seemed to fade from pink to white, and white to pink randomly. In the doorways scattered about, red curtains were parted in the center and purple banners with gold borders hung around on the walls. There was also a platform with four gigantic candles what were taller than a man, and in between them, a large black banner with Lord Death's symbol.

This must be the room where large parties were held, that's usually the only use for rooms that size.

As he scanned the room, off to the side he spotted a large black grand piano. He hadn't played music in a long time. And despite the way he hated his parents, he really did love playing the piano, and was rather talented.

Without really realizing it, he walked over to the piano and caressed the ebony lid, then let his hand drop down to the fall, and lifted it to reveal the white and black keys underneath. It was even in pristine shape, it obviously was well cared for when not in use. He hated when people just let such a precious instrument gather dust when they weren't using it.

Soul pulled back the padded velvet bench that was there and sat on the edge. He looked at the keys for about ten seconds the lifted his hands into position and started playing. It was a song he had composed to describe himself to the world of music, though he had never played it for anyone before. Maybe it was because he was afraid to reveal the true him to everyone. It was a daunting idea to be so exposed, to show people who you really are.

As his fingers flew across the keys, he closed his eyes and lost himself to the music as he always did when he played just for the pleasure of it. His parents never saw this side of him because they only listened when he was on show for everyone else and he never played then like he was doing now.

As his fingers played the last cord, he sat there for a couple seconds, and then went rigid; for he heard the unmistakable sound of a single pair of hands clapping. He turned quickly to the source then saw Maka standing in one of the doorways, clapping with a smile on her face.

"That was very good Soul."

"Nah, it was nothing special." He stood up and closed the fall over the keys.

"I know there is no way I can play like that, especially a song so dark and creepy." She started walking towards him.

Is that how people read the song? He had never played it for anyone before so he never knew what others may think of it. Well, the time he wrote it was a rather dark and miserable time for him, so he guessed it stood to reason the song would sound that way. "Well, the song was supposed to represent me, so I guess I got it right."

"Hmm, well I like it, and you sound like an interesting person to get to know."

He looked at her surprised and saw that she was just a couple feet from her.

"I feel I could trust you."

Huh? What was that supposed to mean?

"What are you doing here Maka?"

"Originally I was going to see if you needed help finishing up. Since I more or less pulled you into the fight and you're now in trouble because of me. But now I guess it's also to ask you a question."

"And what question is that?"

Maka smiled, "Would you like to be my partner?"


"Yeah, like what we did in France. I could be your meister if you'd like."

Partner? He hadn't thought that far into the details of the school. He wasn't sure on how the partner thing worked really. He thought that the teachers would choose for them, but now that he thought about it that didn't make much sense. How would the teachers know just by looking at the students what kind of weapon they were and who' they'd match up with.

Also there was the comment about her trusting him. Was her trust that hard to get, well there was that comment that BlackStar made about her partnering with a guy, did she not like guys in general? Wonder why that was.

Well, she did help him out when he first got here. She seemed like a cool girl. Hell, why not? He could always change his mind if the partnership didn't work.

"Sure, I'll be your partner."

"Great, I've been wanting to partner with a scythe anyways. So that makes this partnership even better."

"Why a scythe?"

"Oh, no reason," she laughed a little stiffly and rubbed the back of her head.

Heh, looks like another mystery to be solved. Well, seems like he's get a chance to find out now that they were partners.
Hooray! I finished this story. Sorry the chapter was so short, wasn't sure on what else to put in it and it's better to have a story be kinda short than to have useless information and events in it.

So, I hope everyone had fun on this ride. I enjoyed writing the story. At the moment I don't have any other ideas for a Soul Eater fanfic, but if you have an idea for one let me know and I'll see if I want to try and do the story (if you have suggestions for other animes, and I've seen them and like the idea, then I'll see about doing those too ^_^)

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If you guys are think that I wrote Soul Eater, then you guys are pretty dang dumb. Or maybe I should think of it as a compliment that you think this is as good as that stuff. Anyways, the thing is, I don't own Soul Eater.


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